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The story behind EmotiPlush

One day I was engaged in pretend-play with my children. We had a a furry pig, a limpy cow and an over-stuffed rabbit.

In the midst of our grand play, the rabbit didn't want to share with the pig. "That makes me *really* sad", I said, voicing dramatically for the pig.  Noticing that the plush pig had loose eyebrows, I actually turned them down to make it look really sad. The reaction was instantaneous - my children became over-excited and the play went onto another level!

My son also had developmental disabilities (specifically ASD) and when he understood the emotions instantly with a toy that he connected with, I felt this would be a very intuitive way to teach other kids like him.


This got me thinking about the way we play and how a more expressive plush toy would make pretend-play so much more fun and educational for all kids. What is a better way to learn then to engage all the senses while doing so?


That started Emotiplush - the patent-pending doll that can show varied facial emotions.

Adopt one of our toys - feel,play and see for yourselves! :)


(Click on the how-to-videos tab to see again how these cool dolls work!)




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